This program is typically offered over six hours, held over two sessions or a full day.

On the canal

  • Full Day Course example time: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Two Session Course time: two sessions of three hours- times are flexible.
  • Note: We can adjust our times based on group preference.
  • Prices for six (6) Programs
  • Groups of 1-3- $129.00
  • Groups of 4-9- $109.00
  • Groups of 10+- $89.00

Please contact us to discuss your group of 10+

Aim / Overview

Learn to paddle your canoe effectively and safely with a partner or solo.

To introduce the novice paddler to paddling with a partner in shelter calm waters. To introduce basic land and water rescue techniques.

Who would normally take this course?

  • Someone who has been paddling for many years but has never had any formal training
  • Someone who has never been in a canoe before
  • Someone who would like to progress through the Paddle Canada Certification level programs.
  • Someone who just bought a canoe and wants to paddle it well
  • Someone who wants to paddle larger lakes systems like Bowron, or the Powell River Lake Chain.
  • Someone who wants to learn the basics so they can safely progress to river canoeing


Participants must be comfortable in and around water, be reasonably fit, in good health and possess a reasonable level of strength and flexibility.

Course length

6 Hours

Class ratio

1 instructor: max 10 participants.

There may be a mix of tandem and solo canoes used


This introductory clinic is conducted in a calm water setting and involves some time in a discussion. North Shuswap Lake, BC


Upon completion of this six hour course, you will gain Paddle Canada certification as a Basic Tandem and / or Basic Solo canoeist and can then progress through the Paddle Canada certification program(s).

Skills you will learn

How to enter and exit your canoe, how to paddle in a straight line, as well as turning, docking, and beaching.

Paddling Strokes: Forward, Reverse, J- Stroke (Lake J) Sweeps, Draw, and Pry

What to do if your canoe tips in the middle of a lake: T rescue (Canoe over Canoe)

(Tipping is not required unless you require the Paddle Canada certificate)

Other topics

  • Basic parts of the Canoe
  • Styles of paddles and how to choose sizing, PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices (life jacket) and sizing
  • Throw Bag use and Common knots
  • Mandatory Equipment and Equipment and safety gear you should always have with you
  • Basic Environmental Hazards
  • We touch on packing for a trip, and partner team work
  • Trim and balance of a canoe
  • Basic Canoe Lifts and Carries