How can I best tap into my energy and serve the divine purpose of the Universe

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Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle
Heed your heart intuition at the deepest level. Don’t be swayed by the urgent crowd who sleep walk the earth. Show up with open hearted presence for each situation that crosses your path as in each you will find the truth of your journey.
Truly be an open heart, an open mind, a loving spirit. A win win combination. Be patient with those not yet awaken. Many lifetimes occur before a soul advances to such a level. Being of the world not just in it, means to enjoy every single moment as a gift, even the most troubling, even the most challenging. Especially the most challenging.
The gifts are often hard to see when you’re in the muck. Step away and watch the film unfold in a light hearted way. Catch yourself being disheartened and use your faith as your guide to centre yourself.
Remember the power of perceptions and the opportunity for remembering and true understanding that lies before you; and then a life as is said, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.   The Kingdom of heaven lies within you always in all ways.  Loving you so very much!

November 2020 Yoga

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2 Wednesdays & 2 Thursdays 9am to 10am

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Hatha Morning Wake Up – All Levels

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Wednesdays (Nov 4th & 11th, 2020) 
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Danielle has established an online Face Book group called Life Force Yoga Shuswap where she is offering KARMA live yoga classes.

Monday Hatha Wake Up LIVE 9am’s

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How can I keep my FAITH strong during unsettling times?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

To be real with yourself and develop understanding is key. First creating self understanding, and then self-healing and growth. There will never be a perfect time for your ego mind, but there is perfection in every moment for your higher mind; for your God mind.
Not being fearful to pray to God, fearful that your prayers won’t be heard. When praying from a place of deep inner confidence, there is no need to beg and plea for this or that, but to know deeply that all will be given to you as your life purpose unfolds.
Trusting that when you receive inner guidance, inspiration, or a creative notion, that it comes from a higher place, therefore, a knowingness and confidence must exude that God, Universe, Higher Self, or with whom or what you most resonate with, will and has already provided you with all that you need to be successful.
Roads wander here and there. Travel as the wind blows, follow your heart wisdom, ask questions of your higher self and listen as the answers come in intricate unexpected ways.
Your human vessel is one of strength and durability. Remembering the limitless mechanics of what you are. “The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them”.
Stay your Course
Loving you always!

How is “Raising my Vibration” applied in my life?

Today’s Mystical Message:

By Rev. Danielle

Staying gracious, giving, and open hearted. Catch yourself in any moment and find gratitude. Look for positives in everything; look for the learning in each situation. Practice seeing things differently.  Practice seeing life differently. Things are not ever done to you, they are done for you. Because of your requests for learning.
Free will takes hold on this plane, and souls have unique divine purpose that calls them, draws them, yearns them toward it; follow that in you!
Light up your spaces, rooms, home, and environment. Catch yourself repeating an old story that you have been repeating way too long and ask yourself why you are telling it? Is it true?  What is holding you back from re-writing your story if need be?  If all is well then great, nothing to do.
Everything even awareness shows itself in perfect time. Layer after layer. Why not have a look?  We have the time.  Stay in the muck of things for a while and feel what you feel. What do you need? Recognize body and self and uncover; travel around in there and see what you see, feel what you feel. Use your breath to explore; use a variety of breath to explore. Patience Faith Practice!!
Loving you so very much

Why are so many people Angry right now?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle
Change is hard no matter how it comes to you.  Fear is instilled in our everyday world right now, appearing unavoidable, relentless. If ones soul has not yet reached a truly awakened state, then processing outer stimulus becomes often paralyzing to inner guidance.
As each soul processes at their pace, they undergo a push pull / fight or flight affect. How one chooses to respond can look differently but anger is always a surface reaction of fear. As a majority of souls on this plane are vibrating at a lower frequency, the emotions that associate with this lower frequency will be what is acted out or displayed. Our inner world will be shown to us in our outer world.
In order for true awakening to occur, any emotional processing is good. Be thankful they are expressing emotion in some way and forgive them. Love and Forgiveness bring depth of understanding. Ask what is happening for you when encountered with “an angry person”?  Are there feelings being expressed by you? OR even a cooler notion, are your own feelings being shown to you right before your eyes?
Keep going, you’re on the right track!
Loving you so very much!


What is Happening on the Earth right Now?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

The earth is going through time dimensional shifts.  Shifts in frequency and vibration
The earth is going through healing at an ever growing pace
Healing will come in such a way that will not be anticipated, cannot be anticipated
The earth will show itself to all those who are part of it, part of this dimension, this illusion of reality
The earth is speaking to us on a level, and will continue to speak to us on a level that we can interpret
Everything has energy, gratitude is where we will find what we are looking for, and notice the gifts that the earth gives us everyday.
Our existence is intertwined with the earth, the earth is in us
The magnificence of it cannot be understood with our limited conscious mind, but must look deeper inward to our Higher Mind, to our God Mind, to our oneness with all that is.
Beautiful connection with the divine
Allow the earth to show you what you need to see, be of the earth not just in it, and enjoy its presence and its presence in you, your presence in it.
Have faith in the roots of the churning dirt and lava that are stirring. Allow yourself to just be in it, to be with it.
Let it be so and so it is.