Canoe the North Shuswap May Long weekend!

Canoe Program

Join us for this two (2) hour tour around the mouth of the Adams River on the North Shuswap lake. These clinics are for those who just want to have some fun on the water, learn or refresh some basic paddling strokes, enough to paddle your canoe in a straight line, complete turns, review beaching and docking, as well as receive equipment and safety tips.

 Weekend Tours are offered twice daily from May long through to October

9-11am & 6-8pm $39.95 per person

Please contact us for additional information and to register at or via phone at 250-679-4411

Manifestation Workshop – May 9

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women meditating

Saturday May 9 for just one hour

Noon – 1:00pm

Gratitude Hot Yoga Studio

185 Hudson Avenue NE, Salmon Arm BC




$15 Workshop fee or $25 per person Includes the Manifestation Workshop PLUS your choice of Gratitude Hot Yoga class: Fusion Flow at  9:00am or the Wasabi Hot class at 10:30am.


Energize into Spring by fine tuning your ability to manifest your life!

The workshops are foundation clinics designed to provide awareness through experience, and a place to start for those who are interested in learning more about meditation practices, the chakras, the universal energy field, de-toxing and how the breath affects it all!

You will learn simple daily application practices that can literally manifest fulfilling positive changes in your life.

What is Experiential Learning?

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People Learn and retain information best through EXPERIENCE

All human beings are born with certain inherent skills, abilities, and mannerisms. It is through experience that those abilities can be developed.

Experiential Learning is one of the most significant areas for current research and practice in young and adult image

Life Force strives to create an environment for our participants to successfully gain self directed lifelong learning through Experience no matter what their age. For them to be provided an optimum supportive and accepting environment to develop working knowledge, gain practical experience, and improve self understanding . Individual and activity goal setting and reflection provides optimum social and communication skill development opportunities. Experiential Activities are designed to actively improve situational learning, discover, understand, and process emotions, and practice problem solving.

Hot Yoga

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Vinyasa Power Flow

Life Force will be offering Vinyasa Power Flow Yoga, and a Chakra Tuning Yoga in a heated studio of approximately 38c with 40 % humidity.

This style of Yoga is different than most typical forms of yoga or classes you will have been to.  It is a sequential, challenging and energizing practice.  In these classes we are connecting our breath with our movement, creating energy and deep cleansing and healing in our body.

This hot Vinyasa Power Flow class is a total physical, mental, and emotional transformation.  It will challenge you no matter what physical shape you are in or what limitations you think you may have.  It is purposefully challenging, and it will give you a whole new sense of mental and physical strength.  The word vinyasa means flow or the linking of one movement into the next, and this practice soon becomes a very fluid and dynamic open eyed meditation.

At this time we are offering private yoga classes and posture clinics, and can even come to you.  Please call for details.  250-679-4411