Life Force programs create opportunities for participants to practice self-directed lifelong learning through experience.

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We make every effort to foster a supportive and accepting environment, and present situations for participants to develop working knowledge, gain practical experience, and improve self-understanding.

We incorporate individual and group activities, experiences, and reflection to invite optimum skill development opportunities.

Here are just a few of our workshops:

Lost in the Woods Ages 5-11ish Workshop Outline

Fun in the Outdoors – Survival Basics Ages 9+ Workshop

Water Safety & Rescue DRY land

Discovering ALL Emotions Course Outline

Universal Energy Everyone has it in them Course Outline

My Gifted Self Course Outline

The Root of Addictions

Goal Setting / En-Vision Board Workshop Outline

Please contact us to discuss your unique group.

Although we offer workshops to all types of groups, we pride
ourselves in working with those with learning differences, those who are court mandated to programming, & those who may have an initial unwillingness to participate.

We offer various types of assessments, workshops, skills clinics, and groups with a wide array of self-discovery, outdoor programming, hands on learning, and skill development opportunities.

And much more….

Adult & Youth Skill Discovery Assessments:  Solid purposeful and action oriented assessments with client goal setting and support, as well as follow through recommendations.

-Outdoor Programming:  Canoe Certification & Clinics, Hiking, Biking, Water Safety & Rescue DRY land

Yoga is included in most all of our workshops & can be individualized to each group. Check out our Yoga link for more information.

Other Workshops such as:

Considering Perspectives –  Situational Learning through natural and logical consequences and Laws of the Universe. Reflecting on decisions and/ or behaviour during times of stress.  How to Handle day to day Problems as they arise, budgeting, purchasing a home, effective communication, and practicing establishing and maintaining a positive successful attitude.

Moving Forward – Resume writing, Interview and employment preparation

Leadership,  Motivational, & Team Building Workshops– Corporate, Families, Unique Groups.

Start Fresh: Designed for youth involved or at risk of becoming involved with the legal system.

Theft and Loss: Designed for those using theft or fraud behaviours regularly in an “A-Typical” manner. Those who express remorse and may not even be aware of the reasons for their behaviour.  This workshop is meant to assist people explore and make connections with their behaviour and their emotions.

All Humans are Born with certain inherent skills, abilities, and mannerisms. It is through Experience that those skills can be developed. or 250-679-4411