We offer various types of workshops, Skills Clinics & Groups at various times of the year with a wide array of Self Learning and Development…

Life Skills Workshops

Summer Day Camps 2017



Unique Event Activities

Some others activities you may find throughout our website:

-Motivational / Team Building Workshops- Corporate, Families, Unique Groups

-Life Skills: Topics such as:  Budgets, Shopping, Hygiene, Self Care

-Lost in the Woods Prevention

-Adult & Youth Retreats & Skill Development

-Start Fresh: Designed for youth involved or at risk of becoming involved with the legal system

-Theft and Loss: Designed for those using theft or fraud behaviours regularly in an “A-Typical” manner. Those who express remorse and may not even be aware of the reasons for their behaviour. Workshop follows the “ATypical Theft Theory” principals of Dr. Will Cupchik, Ph.D, Cupchik, Why Honest People Steal. www.drwillchupchik.com

NOTE: Please call to discuss your specialized group programs further. We pride ourselves in working with those with learning differences, and those who are court mandated to attend a Life Skills Program.

Please contact us to discuss your group.  Info@lifeforceenergy.net or 250-679-4411