Danielle, I have to say that I feel most connected to self/spirit in your yoga classes. It’s because you provide a space that holds absolutely no threat. It’s the way you reach out to others and make them feel significant.  More than any instructor I’ve ever practiced with.

T. Cooper





Good Morning!

I just wanted to thank you again for everything!  Our ceremony was perfect.

Justin & Brittany



Hello Danielle,

I just received the pictures of our wedding. They’re great pictures but when seeing you it also reminded me that I never really thanked you for that day. I thought you were great and very warm and personable.  So thank you Danielle! You were a big part of what made our day so wonderful.

Kind regards,

Kaya and Paul


Danielle ☺, you have beautiful energy and I look forward to being a part of your class every Thursday.  I’m not the only one. Feedback is that your classes are truly yoga inspired; people like the deep poses which cultivate deeper awareness. You’ve managed to create a flow that seems to incorporate some yin with positive power. Biggest hugs, love and gratitude to a most intuitive yogi and beautiful friend 💕

LA Narayan



Good Afternoon!

It was a fantastic wedding day and evening, couldn’t have asked for any better. Thank you so much for being a part of it. You’re truly amazing!  We also hope to see you again soon, and thank you again for tolerating all of us! I know we can all be difficult. Thanks again Danielle!

Ashley & Brad



Danielle is one of my yoga instructors at No Limits Fitness and she is just amazing! She is very knowledgeable and very energetic. She makes sure you understand what you are doing and what it’s doing to our bodies. Her classes are a great workout and lots of fun as well! Xoxo

Shanda Rae Pelton



Danielle is great! She teaches me and my husband hot yoga. She is one of our favourite teachers. She is very knowledgeable and teaches from her heart. She is exactly what you need for a hot yoga teacher. Check her out. You won’t be disappointed. Namaste

Crystal Fayers